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About Our Services

What makes something neurodiversity-affirming? 

Neurodivergent traits are never shamed or masked at Authenticity Academy. Instead, clients are taught empowerment and belonging as they navigate the different ways we as human beings engage and interact in the world. Neurodivergent youth will see themselves in their program materials as they are guided through each each day, building bridges of understanding along the way!

Authenticity Academy specializes in supporting the unique goals of youth struggling in various settings through neurodiversity-affirming practices that teach self advocacy and self regulation.  Schools, counties and parents can contact Authenticity Academy for services geared towards youth with needs surrounding mental health, behavior, self-regulation and more.


 Services Available:

  • Individual Community Based Sessions

  • Social and Emotional Coaching

  • Behavior Coaching

  • Executive Function Coaching

  • Small Group Social Hours

  • IEP Advocacy

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