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School Program
Our Process:
  1. Authenticity Academy staff will connect with the school and parents to assess the child’s situation and determine how the Academy can serve the needs of the child and the school.

  2. Authenticity Academy staff will assess and document the student’s needs, behaviors and academic progress while teaching the child neurodiversity affirming social and behavioral self regulation and advocacy. Academic progress, behavioral observations, and successful regulation techniques are communicated to school personnel.

  3. When appropriate, the student returns to their school. Time spent at the Academy can differ for each student, depending on their personal needs.  

  4. Transition back to their home school includes a behavioral plan developed during the child’s placement, assistance in implementing the behavior plan, and a plan to provide crisis intervention as needed.

Staff use a neurodiversity-affirming approach to create a positive identity in children with severe emotional and/or behavior problems. The child learns to redefine their role as a student and learns to manage dysregulation without resorting to harmful habits. 

Here at Authenticity Academy, we firmly believe every student wants to succeed in school. Each student experiences different disorders, different stress and different needs. We charge ourselves with investigating why our students are not succeeding, discover how we can help them succeed, and assist the school in continuing the student's success.


Collaboration between the Academy, the school, the student and their family is the key to success. We firmly believe that students need to be actively involved in every step of their program development, implementation and transition back to school. Nothing 

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