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Learning with Tablets

Program Contents

We teach important life skills such as:

  • Being together, being me

  • Recognizing and understanding similarities and difference

  • Building bridges of understanding between two people

  • Getting my needs met

  • Identifying emotions in myself

  • Responding to my emotions

  • Recognizing emotions in others

  • Responding to big feelings in others

  • Handling changes in my environment

  • Knowing my strengths and finding a place in my community

  • Must haves and nice to haves (needs vs wants)

  • Negotiating and setting boundaries

  • Different ways of communicating

  • Balancing communication differences

  • Interoception

  • Feeling different emotions simultaneously

  • Diversity and equity

  • Different ways to care for people

  • Managing burnout and crisis

  • Finding pride in neurodivergence

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