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Mission Statement

At Authenticity Academy, our mission is to provide neurodivergent youth with personalized, engaging and neurodiversity affirming support through specialized and personalized services for our clients. We provide a safe, calm and productive environment for our clients to learn at their own pace with engaging and meaningful methods. We believe neurodiversity affirming practices must validate the individual needs of neurodivergent youth by including sensory needs, communication needs, needs surrounding authentic connection, executive function, and mental health among others in the core of our program. 


The aim of Authenticity Academy  is to provide an authentic, neurodiversity affirming services producing individuals who thrive and can advocate and regulate themselves independently. We believe in supporting neurodiverse students to be authentic in their personality, values and spirit. At Authenticity Academy, we believe in staying true to yourself and your values. Here are our values:


Here at Authenticity , we believe we need to transform the conversation about disability to support all people and be a place where everyone belongs.

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